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Migrate to v1.0.0-beta.9.x

This is a big update on top of the previous versions, but the migration is mainly automated. Since the architecture and database schema changes dramatically, you should first back-up your database before continuing.


Create a back-up of your database before continuing

How to migrate

🔥 Breaking change: This version is built with Node v12.17.0 so make sure you don't use an older version when setting up the project.

If you used the create-chartbrew-app CLI tool:

cd yourChartbrewApp/
npx create-chartbrew-app update

If you cloned the repository do the following:

# checkout the new release tag (this really depends on your setup)
# It is recommended you merge the new release tag into one of your branches
# You might need to fix any merge conflicts that arise

cd yourChartbrewApp/
npm run setup

cd server/
npm run db:migration

That's pretty much it. Your existing charts and connections should work as normal, but you will notice a brand new chart builder interface.

Architectural changes

The following section is just informational - no action required.

Models changes

ApiRequest has become DataRequest. A new DataRequest object will be created for every Dataset that is trying to get data from somewhere.

All the pagination related fields (paginate, limit, etc) have been moved from Chart to DataRequest.

Moved connection_id from Chart to Dataset. Now each Dataset will be associated with a Connection.

Controllers changes

Lots of improvements here, but the most important one is the ChartController now having a chart update method that compiles data from all the DatasetControllers which in turn have an obvious runRequest() method.

Routes changes

The /apiRequest route is no more and in turn is replaced by /dataRequest. The full path is: /project/:project_id/chart/:chart_id/dataRequest.

New endpoint for Dataset can now be accessed at /project/:project_id/chart/:chart_id/dataset.

Since the Dataset model has a new route, the access control module was updated to restrict unwanted access to this data. Owners, admins and editors have all the access (find, update, create and delete) and members have only find access.