# One account Docs


Before you proceed with the setup, ensure you deployed the app on your server. Follow the deployment instructions here

# Quick start

Download and install One account mobile app if you haven’t already.

Click the β€œSign in/up” button on the top right on oneaccount.app (opens new window) and then use the mobile app to scan the QR code.

# Create a new app

Fill in the required fields:

  • App logo & App name
  • Callback URL - {API_HOST}/oneaccountauth
    • API_HOST is the address where you're hosting the Node app from /server
  • Requested data
    • Email (required)
    • First name (required)
    • Last name (required)


Make sure you choose the email field and TICK the verified and required checkboxes.


Only request the data that's absolutely required. The less data you request the more users are likely to provide it. If you need extra data, make it not required so users can use your system even without providing some data.

Save it and copy the externalId value (press Copy external id button)

# App integration

Create a new file /client/.env and copy the following:


externalId is the value you copied above.

This will enable the Sign in/up with One account buttons on the login and signup pages. (unset REACT_APP_ONE_ACCOUNT_EXTERNAL_ID environment variable to disable the buttons).

Important! The client app needs to be restarted/rebuilt if you change the REACT_APP_ONE_ACCOUNT_EXTERNAL_ID value

Please read the official docs for One account should you have any issues: docs.oneaccount.app (opens new window).

Or reach out to One account's support through the website: oneaccount.app (opens new window).